First blog post

I don’t particularly know why I started this blog, maybe it was due to the fact I don’t really know how to express myself to the people I know. Wow that sounded cliché but its true. You might be thinking what twelve-year-old wrote this but let me tell you I’m not twelve. Though I will probably never tell you how old I really am, I can ensure you that.

I really don’t know why I am starting a blog at 1:41 am in the morning, I guess it could be due to the fact I have watch all five seasons of Awkward in two days or that I weirdly have an ongoing monologue in my head. The blogging isn’t helping stop the monologue but I guess I actually find this to be semi-therapeutic even though my roommate turns into a therapist whenever I complain about any problem I have that you would probably consider small. Though don’t get me wrong I’m not hating on you for thinking that or making my self seem more important. Actually thinking back to what I just said I make no sense, but hey this is a place where I don’t have to think or be grammatically correct. Trust me I suck at english and my grade showing I just got above average proves it. No matter how hard I try.

Looking at my blog now I am actually embarrassed about it. My tag line of “Made in the A.M.” isn’t a tribute to One Direction, while I think they were a good band I don’t find myself a fan. God I should sleeping considering I supposed to get up in 2 hours. Early morning starts are the greatest. I’m probably making this way to long but this is for me. So probably number one I want to talk about right now is fake friends, more like friends who you become distant from and you feel like they judge constantly. Yeah those friends. I don’t really know what happened between me and this girl but all of a sudden I started to feel like I was constantly being critique by her and I didn’t feel happy. I didn’t realise I didn’t feel happy till I felt pure happiness which is basically what I feel when I’m drunk and I love it. But now I guess I make her feel the same way, I not the best person with any emotion. Recently, I broke with my sorta “boyfriend”. I guess we weren’t going out really I just got with him cause everyone expected it but it made me realise I can’t do relationships or finish sentences apparently.

Well I should probs end my first blog post. I don’t have an ending and I have a room to clean at 2:30 am but I know in 3 hours I can have an early morning hot chocolate.


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